Welcome to our new home(S)

Greetings cider seekers, apple evangelists, and curiousity driven travelers. You have arrived at the new improved world wide web home of Stormalong Cider. There has been much activity behind the scenes and we are now ready to open the curtains. On our new website we will showcase all of our ciders and provide timely updates through the news section with the latest and greatest. We will also delve deeper into the history of hard cider in Sherborn, MA. ┬áThere is a wealth of information we have been studying and exploring with regards to the Holbrook Cider Mill that produced over 1 million gallons of hard cider in the early 1900’s. It is fascinating to learn more about this storied past and understand the ways it connects to the present. Additionally we have finally launched our online store and you will now be able to order our cider directly to your door! Well at least in most States. For those searching for our cider in stores, we are currently distributed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. ┬áThe locator section of our website has a pretty accurate list of stores, bars, and restaurants that carry our products. Please feel free to reach out through email, your social media communicator of choice, and visit with us at events and tastings posted.