True Cider

Heirloom cider apples

Stormalong Cider was founded in 2014 by Shannon Edgar after moving from California to an orchard in Sherborn, MA and becoming engrossed in the legacy of Sherborn’s cider making history. We use, rare, cider specific apples that ferment into bold flavors full of complexity, tannins, and acidity. Our flagship cider, "Legendary Dry", combines a blend of British 'bittersweet' apple varietals, full of tannins and tropical aromas, with traditional American Heirloom apples that introduce robust acids and flavor compounds. We have a small-batch facility located on our farm in Sherborn, MA and recently opened an additional, state-of-the-art production facility in Leominster, MA.

Sherborn, MA

Largest refined cider mill in the world - 1880-1930

In the late 1800’s, the largest refined cider mill in the world was located in Sherborn, MA, exporting a “champagne cider” to England, and other places abroad. Around that time there were some 40 orchards in the town and the owner of the cider mill, Jonathan Holbrook, convinced the Framingham & Mansfield railroad to align their track through Sherborn with his cider mill. The first freight train into the town was loaded with apples headed to Holbrook’s mill. With such a rich history of cidermaking in the Northeast, it is hard to fathom how this tradition has virtually disappeared. At Stormalong, we are both fascinated and inspired by this robust hard cider lineage, and with the legacy of cider here in Sherborn, MA, it feels like an ideal place to help reignite this tradition. More about Sherborn

Captain Alfred Bulltop Stormalong

The "Paul Bunyan" of the sea...

In another example of a semi-forgotten slice of history, we discovered a gem of American folklore that begged us for attention. The tall-tale of Captain Alfred Bulltop Stormalong describes a larger-than-life figure, epically tall, originating out of New England and heralded as the greatest deep-water sailor to have ever lived. Stormalong’s story came out of the era of clipper ships and whalers, and the giant “Stormy” was known to swill hard cider out of barrels while washing down his favorite meal of shark meat and whale soup. Stormalong would sign his name with an A.B. at the end, abbreviating Alfred Bulltop, so his signature “A.B.” came to be known as “able bodied”, and the term “able bodied seamen” was born from this story.

Respect the Apple!

Reviving America's cider history

We believe that the future is very bright for reviving cider and reacquainting Americans with a forgotten chapter in their history. There is room for innovation, exploration, and a general good time to be had by those in the pursuit of cider’s full potential. We’ll be here fine-tuning, learning, growing, and furthering our craft individually. We hope you’ll join us and make it a celebration.