The Grand Banks – Whiskey Barrel Aged

Whiskey Barrel Aged

This is a serious cider for those that take their cider seriously. We take a succulent blend of top-notch ciders, add these to recently dumped whiskey barrels, and let them bask in the glory of whiskey and oak for 10 months.  From apple to glass. From barrel to bottle. This is not some watered down, “infused” liquid. This is straight from the barrel in all its magnificence. This cider has a complex set of tannins derived from both apples and barrel charred oak. These tannins combine with a savory acidity that gives way to notes of vanilla, toffee, and of course whiskey.

We decided to call our barrel aged series of ciders “The Grand Banks” in reverence to the storied fishing grounds 1000 miles off the coast of Cape Cod.  For this series we use fresh barrels from our friends at Bully Boy Distillers in Boston. Liquid apple whiskey gold.

BRONZE MEDAL – GLINTCAP 2016 – Wood Aged Cider Category



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