Able Bodied, Handcrafted

Distinctive cider with deep roots.

We are a small-batch, craft cider producer located in Sherborn, MA. We seek out rare, heirloom cider apples and ferment them using traditional techniques. For our flagship cider, Legendary Dry, we blend more acidic apples with tannin-rich ‘bittersweet’ varietals producing a unique cider full of complexity and body. ¬†We also work with extremely rare apples, such as the British Kingston Black apple, and other American Heirloom varieties that were among some of the first apples cultivated in the United States. We have a small-batch facility located on our farm in Sherborn, MA and recently opened an additional, state-of-the-art production facility in Leominster, MA.

About Our Craft

Sherborn, MA

Home of the largest refined cider mill in the world 1900-1930

By the mid-19th century, the semi-rural town of Sherborn, MA, originally settled in 1652, had blossomed into a thriving community of artisans and craftsmen. In a town with a relatively small population of about 1,000, a wide range of cottage industries abounded in blacksmithing, willow furniture weaving, gun smithing, lumber milling, canning, cloth milling, rope braiding, paint making, grist milling, leather making and, of course, coffin designing. General stores, dairy farms and apple orchards were ubiquitous.
Our History